Meet the Bopper and his Music for Boomers

by Susan Harris on February 4, 2011

In my search for music I might actually enjoy listening to – especially NEW music – the best website I’ve run across so far has the promising name “The Bopper,” and the whole point to the site is recommending music for US.   Here’s how the Bopper describes it in his about page:

In 1992, I realized one night while listening, that most adults do not have a clue as to what to buy – therefore, they quit buying. Radio was not geared to adults for new music, retail nor the labels did not market to adults.  So here sits the biggest demographic with the most money and nobody seems to care that they are not active purchasers of music.

He’s talking about me!   I DID quit buying because I didn’t know what to buy.   And how do I know that I might like what he recommends?  Because he’s a big list-maker, and his Desert Island List of music he’d never want to be without is jam-packed with my favorites, so based on that alone, I’d let him sync to my iPod any day.

The Bopper

If you’ve perused that list and aren’t sure yet about his taste in music, check out the list of his favorite artists. Just don’t follow his instruction there to go to iTunes and search for his iMix, coz you won’t find it.  iMixes are long gone, supposedly replaced with what they unhelpfully call “Ping”.  I went to Ping to find the Bopper’s list there but never found it (and the Bopper tells me it’s mostly missing, anyway).   But the alternative isn’t so bad – clicking from his list to iTunes to listen to his faves, then back to the list.

What’s most exciting to me about The Bopper is that as a self-described “music junkie”, he’s listening to all the new music, too, and choosing the artists and songs he thinks the Boomer crowd will like.   His yearly compilation of the best could occupy me for the next several blizzards, happily – as long as I have Internet.  And power.

So who IS this guy?  Steven Begor’s the name, and music addiction started for him as a middle-schooler, then became full-blown during college when he booked bands for all of Emory.  After college he worked in music distribution for a decade or so but   I was sorry to read that he had to leave the music field to support his family – and also because he didn’t want to live in LA or New York, and who can blame him?  So he settled in the Chicago area and changed careers, but never went into rehab for his music addiction, which is a good thing for music-seekers like me.


Mitch Tropin February 4, 2011 at 4:11 pm

I love the new website & truly enjoyed the article about the bopper–a man after my own heart.

warm regards

Peter Tibbles February 7, 2011 at 3:22 am

Hello baby. When you said the Bopper, I thought you were talking about the Big Bopper. Silly me.

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